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We are your first, best, most convenient stop online for drone photography, aerial photography for real estate, photography and drone video in Los Angeles, and real estate photography specifically in the greater Los Angeles area. What is We are a service that offers aerial drone photography and videography for whatever your project. The proliferation and rapid advance of drone photography and the aerial photography that goes with it has made it possible for us to offer an increasing array of drone photography resources. Given how many of these drones are available, more and more people are discovering the joys of taking their own drone photography. But as much fun as aerial photography can be, there are also a number of pitfalls. We’ll discuss those, but first, let’s talk about just what drone video or drone photography from can do for you.

Imagine that you could have your event covered from the angle that shows off best the totality of your event. Imagine that you could have stunning and crystal clear video, still shots, or both taken from an angle where there are no obstructions, and where everything you want to catch for posterity is absolutely visible. Imagine that your special occasion, your event, your film project, or any other special occasion could be recorded for posterity from above. Not only would this produce a unique, high-quality, professional level presentation that you can cherish for years to come, but would leave you with happy memories of the event with an efficient and time-effective means of performing that recording.

And if your interest is in real estate photography, our aerial drone photography produces results like no other, giving you crystal clear, top-down imaging you can use to evaluate a piece of real estate, share its virtues, explore its limits, catalog its features, and otherwise sell or buy that property. Information is the name of the game when it comes to what we provide — information and artistic aerial photography and drone photography that not only helps your event look great after the fact, but which helps you evaluate and sell your real estate, commemorate your special event, and anything else you might need that requires an “eye in the sky.”

Just what can do for you? We offer an array of services that we think will benefit you, and we are happy to discuss these with you at length. If you have a question, if you’re wondering how our service works, if you need to schedule some drone photography, or if you just want to talk about the wonderful world of drone video, get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs.

Your Aerial Photographer

The heart of our business is our fleet of aerial photography drones. Our drone video machines are state of the art. It’s true that you can go online or walk into many stores these days and purchase yourself a drone. What you may not realize is that the drone photography we offer is a cut above what is offered out there, especially if you’re thinking of purchasing your own drone and trying to fill all of your drone video and aerial photography needs yourself.

Drones first caught the public’s attention when they became common for military applications. With their increasing use in this field, the public became more aware of just how versatile drones can be, and the civilian market started focusing on producing more, better, and more versatile drones like the popular quadcopter models. You may even have seen a hilarious photo-shopped picture of a happy looking pug suspended from one of these four-blade drones (although the picture, while adorable, is fake, because the average civilian-available drone simply doesn’t have that kind of lifting power). Like it or not, drones have become a part of our consumer landscape, and people are becoming more aware of just what these fascinating devices can do.

For years, drones and aerial drone photography were the stuff of science fiction, but now, these little devices have become science fact. Interestingly, their design has not changed much from the way they were envisioned in those old movies. There is a famous Tom Selleck movie called “Runaway” set in the near future (or rather, what was the near future back in the 1980s). In it, law enforcement officers use turbofan drones for crime scene surveillance during hostage situations. The average drone today is not a single turbofan blade in the middle of the drone’s chassis. Instead, it is four blades at each corner of the chassis, which make the drone much more stable and easier to control. The average civilian drone is one of these models, and they range in size from tiny, handheld “nano-drones” to much bigger units with relatively decent cameras mounted to them. You may have seen the haunting, fascinating viral video of an abandoned American Renaissance Fair location in the United States. A civilian drone was used to fly over these buildings and the ruins of this once popular amusement area, giving us amazing insight into what the location looks like. The potential for this type of photography is vast and video sharing sites, like YouTube, are absolutely full of great drone videos.

The great thing about the proliferation of aerial drone photography and civilian-available, affordable drones is that these multi-blade drones are much easier to fly. Have you ever tried to fly a remote-control helicopter? It isn’t easy at all. Having only a single blade, with a tail rotor for steering and stabilization, produces flight that is wobbly at best and completely uncontrollable at worst. To make the helicopter move forward, you have to tilt it, which basically means driving the helicopter into a controlled dive (just a really, really shallow one). A helicopter, as any helicopter pilot will tell you, is always on the verge of crashing. Its operation, even in the form of a tiny remote control replica of a helicopter, simply isn’t easy.

Modern multiple-blade drones are much more stable and much easier to maintain in a single position without spinning, dipping, or driving.

Why You Shouldn’t Do Your Own Drone Photography

Popular as drone video and aerial photography with these devices has become, there are several reasons you shouldn’t try to do your own aerial photography for a special event, a graduation, a pageant, real-estate photography, weddings, film production, or any other event. The first of these is cost. In order to produce a high-quality drone video or series of drone photography still shots, you cannot rely on the low-resolution cameras that come with most drones. These cheaper pieces of equipment produce a very low quality picture that is often subject to distortion from the fact that the drone, while hovering in the air, is never actually still. There is a lot of vibration and small movements involved in suspending a drone in the air. The cheaper the drone, the less stable it is, and typically, the cheaper the drone, the lighter in weight it becomes.

The reason this is so is because of the ever-present problem of vertical lift. What limits available drone technology right now is that the motors for the helicopter blades have to be powerful enough not only to boost the drone into the air, but to keep it there, and they have to be responsive enough to make corrections to keep the drone flying. All of this translates to more weight. Ironically, the heavier the motors themselves, the less weight the rest of the drone can carry. The bigger the drone, the more vertical lift it can produce, but the bigger it becomes, the more expensive it is. Think about that: Military drones are actually quite large, sometimes the size of an automobile, and they are strong enough and fast enough to travel at great altitude and carry the weight of heavy weaponry or high-resolution photography equipment. But even if you could buy one of these, it would be prohibitively expensive.

There’s a happy medium, here, but that’s the thing: The type of drone that takes great pictures, is powerful enough to get the kind of altitude you want for quality shots of your event or real estate parcel, and which has the features you need to record high-quality video (and/or to produce real-time video surveillance if you need to make some decisions on the fly or control the drone from a long distance) is not the kind of drone that just anyone can purchase at an affordable price. Some of the popular drones on the market for civilian purchase are actually pretty affordable, but “pretty affordable” still means a couple of hundred dollars for a nice one. There are more advanced drones that run several hundred dollars (although some of these are offering some really great features, such as one drone newly introduced to the market that can track a device you carry with you and follow you around to film you doing active sports and other activities).
So the first reason you shouldn’t try to buy or fly your own drone for your aerial photography and drone video applications is that it simply costs too much to buy the type of drone you’re going to want to produce quality output. The only way something like that becomes cost effective is if you use it all the time, and for most people, aerial photography is something they do as a hobby or for special occasions. It would be a hassle to use the drone constantly just to justify the high cost of purchasing it. This is why working with is so beneficial.

We own high-quality drones in which we have invested a great deal of capital, but we’ve done so knowing the benefits for you and for us are very real. We use our drones all the time, to do professional work in photographing or video-recording your real estate, event, or other occasion, and we do so knowing we are producing exceptionally high-quality output. The result of all our hard work is that we are able to justify the cost of the high-quality equipment we use, and we pass those benefits on to you. You can therefore work with us and, for a very reasonable fee, get the benefit of the drone photography we offer at only a fraction of the cost of investing in the equipment yourself. But there is yet another reason, beyond the cost of the equipment involved, that you should work with us to record your event or to evaluate your real estate property while taking pictures of it. That reason is time.

You see, it takes time and concentration to pilot a drone, to record the video or photography you want, and to make sure the drone and its precious cargo of photographs makes it back to safety. Maybe you’ve seen the viral video of a man desperate to save his drone after it starts to lose power over a body of water. He knows that if his drone hits that water, it will be damaged or destroyed, and there goes all the money he paid. His fun day of playing aerial photographer turned into a nightmare in which he saw his investment of several hundred dollars suddenly about to land in the drink. Well, do you think he had a good day? Or do you think it was terribly stressful for him?

Beyond the hassle of running , maintaining, worrying about, and carrying for the expensive equipment involved, however, you must also consider that while you are playing aerial photographer, you can’t do anything else. If you’re the one tasked with taking drone video of a wedding, for example, it’s not like you can actually enjoy the reception, have a few drinks, do the Chicken Dance, or flirt with one of the pretty bridesmaids while you’re running that drone, is it? Back in the old days of shoulder-held VHS or Beta camcorders, nobody wanted to get stuck being the “video guy,” because that guy had to walk around the entire event with a camera on his shoulder, watching everything through a tiny viewfinder, basically unable to join in on the festivities he was recording. Don’t let yourself become that person! Don’t let yourself become a slave to your own drone photography. Turn your aerial photography needs over to us and we will make sure you get every shot, every bit of video, and every beautiful memory you want recorded!

That brings us to the third reason you don’t want to do your own drone video or aerial photography, not to mention your real estate photography (Los Angeles area or otherwise). The fact is, we are professionals. Much as anyone can take pictures of a wedding, but it takes a true professional photography to really get beautiful pictures of that wedding, anybody can run a drone if they have access to it. It does, however, take a professional and experienced aerial photographer to run a drone properly, take smooth videos and photographs, cover the necessary angles, and avoid wasted time and wasted images. Our staff of professional drone photographers is standing by to make sure everything you want captured is done right the first time. Don’t try to pawn the job off on your friends or family, and don’t make yourself miserable by trying to play the hero and do it all yourself. You don’t have to suffer! You don’t have to waste your day behind a camera or, in the case of a drone, behind a remote! We can do it for you, we can do it better, and we can make the whole process easier. is a full-service business whose purpose is to provide you with high-quality output. We know that it can be a hassle getting just the right aerial shot that you want, and we sympathize. We do the work so that you don’t have to. No matter what your requirements, we can meet them while exceeding your expectations. And we’ll keep you informed of what we’re doing every step of the way so you never have to worry precisely what’s going on during any point in the process. We aim to please, but we also want to be both client-focused and friendly. We’ve found that doing business this way has kept our customers exceptionally happy over the years. We truly do love what we do.

Drone Photography/Aerial Photography

The foundation of our business is the drone photography we do from the air. When you work with us, we will meet with you and discuss your event and its location. We’ll figure out the logistics of getting us, our equipment, and the drone or drones to your site. We’ll chat with you to learn just what pictures or video are most important to you, what you would like the finished product to look like, how we can best suit your needs when it comes to creating your dream drone video or picture suite, and what you expect from our service. We take very special care to make sure all expectations are clearly defined ahead of time, and that shows in how we approach business with you. We love flying our drones, we love taking video and photographs, and we are always delighted when we get a chance to record your event. The best way to get this ball rolling is to talk to us today about what you want. We’ll work out the details with you, nail down logistics, and then get the show on the road, producing high-quality aerial photography and/or drone video that you can use for your own records, for your business, for posterity, and for your video or movie project.

Real Estate Photography

The growing field of real estate photography is one field where drone video and aerial photography really does shine. How do you catalog what is on a piece of property, show that property to prospective buyers, evaluate a piece of property for purchase, or otherwise chronicle a piece of land without video or pictures from above? Sure you can drive or walk the property in person, but you’re only getting the perspective of a single person at a time, operating at ground level. That kind of perspective is never going to give you the best feel for a property as a whole. And there may be features that you’d like to document that really are only visible from the air, or whose scope isn’t obvious until you manage to get up above it all and truly see what’s going on. We make it possible for you not only to do that, but to do it affordably and with as little effort on your part as possible.

Apart from the tremendous benefit of letting us do your drone photography and aerial video for you so that you don’t have to mess with them, and separate from the financial savings this produces, is the fact that previously, your options for real estate photography from the air were quite few. You were limited to whatever access you might have to third party satellite imaging (like Google) and perhaps hiring a helicopter or plane to overfly the property and take photos. As you can imagine, this is costly and time consuming. The new option, that of using a drone to take the same photographs from above, is much more time- and cost-effective. It’s the best of all possible worlds… and it’s a lot safer, too. Produce professional quality output with little time and expense on your part by contracting with us. You won’t be sorry!

Aerial Photography: Los Angeles and Surrounding Areas

We gladly provide aerial photography to the greater Los Angeles area. If you are in the Los Angeles area and you need aerial photography, just get in touch with us and we will work out the details with you.

Real Estate Photography: Los Angeles and Surrounding Areas

We also provide real estate photography to the Los Angeles area and the surrounding areas. If your parcel is anywhere in the Los Angeles area, we are the real estate photographer for you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today.